Reports: 76ers’ Embiid agrees to 5-year, $148M deal

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid has agreed to a five-year, $148 million designated rookie scale maximum contract extension, according to multiple reports.

Embiid was scheduled to arrive in Boston on Monday night to join his teammates, according to

If Embiid meets the “super-max” criteria, the extension could be worth as much as $178 million. That criteria includes making All-NBA teams or being named the league’s Most Valuable Player. Embiid could earn an additional $30 million if he earns All-NBA first, second or third team), or is named MVP this season, according to the reports.

The designated rookie scale extension reflects 30 percent of the 2018-19 salary cap if Embiid reaches the performance based-criteria.

Embiid, 23, has played in only 31 regular-season games since being selected with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. However, the 76ers clearly see him as an integral part of their long-term nucleus.

Embiid, who is scheduled to earn $25.3 million in 2018-19, has not played since undergoing surgery more than six months ago to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee. His last game was on Jan. 27.

Embiid missed his first two seasons due to surgeries to repair the navicular bone in his right foot. He also suffered a stress fracture in his back that sidelined him for the conference and NCAA tournaments during his only season at Kansas in 2014.

As part of a complex contract agreement, the Sixers reportedly will receive some salary cap relief if Embiid misses significant playing time due to injuries.

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