NBA future in doubt, Bosh joins esports org

Chris Bosh said he is not retired from the NBA, but the 11-time All-Star is realistic about his chances of being medically cleared to play again.

So the former Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors star has also been focused on his many off-court endeavors, including recently joining Los Angeles-based esports organization Gen.G Esports as a player management advisor.

Bosh said he used to play Call of Duty and Halo regularly, and began talking to Gen.G co-founder and vice chairman Phillip Hyun. He told USA Today that he took his kids to watch Gen.G compete, and has now agreed to come on board as a player management advisor.

Bosh will serve as a mentor and advisor for Gen.G., which owns the Seoul Dynasty in the Overwatch League along with fielding teams in League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.

“It’s a dream for me to be able to work with these guys,” Bosh told USA Today. “The way I look at it, competing at a high level, whether that’s business, art or film, athletics, anything you do, there’s a certain way to go about it. Being in the NBA, being successful, being able to win championships at the highest level in the world, there’s certain core values that you have, certain things you have to follow.”

Bosh, 34, has not closed the door on a return to the NBA. A two-time champion with the Miami Heat, he has not played since before the All-Star break in 2016 when he was diagnosed with a second blood clot.

He has maintained that he is interested in returning to the court, but Bosh acknowledged that it will be difficult to find an NBA doctor who will clear him medically to play. So he is also pursuing his outside interests, and is one of numerous former professional athletes to get involved in esports.

“I wanted to find something I could enjoy doing and find a passion,” Bosh told USA Today. “It’s been very rewarding. I didn’t expect this opportunity or relationship to come up. I like technology and games.”

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