Browns QB Mayfield approves of ‘Hard Knocks’

Young quarterbacks are a hook for HBO’s “Hard Knocks” documentary series, and Baker Mayfield happens to be the hottest commodity in the rookie QB market as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Browns drafted Mayfield, the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner from Oklahoma, with the top pick in April but previously acquired their intended starter — Tyrod Taylor — in a deal with the Buffalo Bills.

That subplot figures to be a key storyline for the franchise all season, and no doubt will become a focus of the 30-member HBO crew when it converges on Berea, Ohio, to begin filming behind-the-scenes footage next month.

From Mayfield’s perspective, additional eyeballs on the Browns should be a positive.

“Having people within our practices, within our training camp, right there trying to, not like they’re trying to distract us, but they’re there,” Mayfield told Sirius XM. “You could worry about it, you could think about it, but if you’re able to focus in, that can be a beneficial thing for us, talking about going into away stadiums and going into environments where you have to focus on doing your job. So I’m looking forward it.”

Mayfield’s personality was a hot topic during the pre-draft process. He claims he is not concerned with outside perceptions, and the Browns clearly provided a ringing endorsement of their view of Mayfield by investing the top pick in the cocksure QB.

“For me looking at it, and us as a team, I’d say it can be good if you handle it right,” Mayfield said. “If you think about it as a way to get on camera and try to show off and do certain things and handle it the wrong way then that can be very negative, it can be a distraction. But if you use it as a sense of, ‘OK, I got to block out everything else and just focus on playing ball,’ then that can be a great thing for us.”

–Field Level Media

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