Giants S Collins: Bring Eli Apple back

New York Giants safety Landon Collins has been one of Eli Apple’s biggest critics but said he remains a supporter of the cornerback.

“My relationship can be repaired with him,” Collins told the NY Post on Monday night while taking in the national championship game won by his alma mater, Alabama. “Our relationship can be mended. I don’t know what his mindset is right now. He’s kind of all over the place right now. You can see that with his Twitter rant. We got to have an understanding why he’s playing football, because you got to be playing football to be one of the best players, not to be on the team and blowing your opportunity.”

Apple was disciplined by the Giants for the final game of the season for a heated exchange with coaches and played in only 11 games in 2017.

Collins labeled Apple “a cancer” in response to Apple saying Collins’ claim that he was assisting Apple through his struggles was false.

“I think the organization should keep him,” Collins said. “He’s a first-rounder. He does a good job when his head is on straight on the field. … I want him to be here. I want him to be under my wing, and I can continue pushing him, continuing teaching him how this game is and how this business goes, and help him grow up as much as I can.”

Apple started the offseason by firing back at critical Giants fans via Twitter. Wide receiver Odell Beckham attempted to intervene with a social media post coaxing Apple not to waste time defending himself.

“Brooooo I kno it feels good to tell these ppl off, trust me I would love nothin more than to do the same. But don’t waste ur time on these ppl, half the ppl don’t even have real accounts. Stop bro, ur better than that. U weren’t… and I wasn’t… good enough this year,” Beckham tweeted to Apple.

Apple replied, “I’m chillin I promise.”

–Field Level Media

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