Staples' brothers pocket $150K betting on ... each other's weight

3/26/2018 10:51:27 PM EST

Jaime and Matt Staples are used to making money betting on poker. On Monday, they pocketed $150,000 betting on their weight -- and each other.

One year ago Monday, the Staples Bros. made a bet with hedge fund manager and high-stakes amateur poker player Bill Perkins. The bet? In exactly one year, the brothers would be within one pound of one another in weight.

The catch? Jaime weighed 305 pounds at the time, while Matt checked in at 135. The bet? According to the High Stakes Database, Perkins offered $5,000 at 30-1 odds -- if the brothers pulled it off, they would get $150,000. If they did not, Perkins would get $5,000.

On Monday, the brothers streamed their weigh-in on twitch. The end result:

Not only did they fall within one pound of one another, but checked in at the exact same weight: 188.3.

--Field Level Media