Price confirms Reds picked up ’18 option

Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price confirmed reports that the team picked up his 2018 contract option earlier this summer.

Price signed a one-year extension with the option following last season, and language within the contract required that he be notified well before the end of the season if it was going to be picked up by the club.

“It’s a good thing, I think, for all of us because we’d like to see this thing through to the other side,” Price said on Monday, per “It’s been great for the staff because I think the staff has worked hard here. Players have stayed together. The clubhouse is a good place. The work is outstanding. The young guys are turning the corner in the rotation. I think we’ve got a good foundation to do some really good things here.”

The Reds entered Monday with a 58-79 record, and are in line to finish in fifth place in the National League Central for the third consecutive season. However, the team is 17-16 since July 30 while continuing to go through the process of a major rebuilding effort.

Price will enter 2018 with no guarantees beyond that season, but said he is comfortable doing so. Especially with his full coaching staff expected to remain in place.

“You should get what you’ve earned,” Price said. “Since I’ve been the manager here, we haven’t been real competitive. That shouldn’t put me on sound footing as the manager. What should is that especially from 2017 to 2018, is that we make significant improvements or they will have to look and see about the direction of the club.

“But it’s the last thing I’m going to worry about, the contract, because at the All-Star break in 2015, I think the baseball community had me out of here. And I’m still here. That’s really a credit for our ownership and front office to understand what we’re doing and the challenges we have ahead of us.”

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