Saints WR Thomas, Redskins CB Norman engage in Twitter spat

Michael Thomas went hard at Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman on Monday night, then took it up a notch after the victorious New Orleans Saints left the field.

Thomas, the No. 1 receiver for the Saints, called out Norman via Twitter in a back-and-forth that was arguably more competitive than the WR-CB matchup during the game.

Thomas caught four passes for 74 yards in the Saints’ lopsided 43-19 win.

Norman was benched for five plays and allowed two touchdowns on two targets, good for a 158.3 passer rating, per Pro Football Focus.

“I made that boy check out after the first half,” Thomas wrote, sparking the yo-yo exchange and the mother of all defensive back insults: zone corner.

Norman replied to the first tweet: “You clout chasing! 25-times Lined it up toe-toe (blocking decoy) out-come of that 0-0-0!! Drew didn’t even look yo damn way ‘Juice’ Waste of a tweet!”

Thomas replied: “Zone Corner, play your role. Lol you don’t have no clout to chase. I didn’t have to do nothing but punk you all day and watch you bust coverages all game and cost your team so who really a clown(?) And I’m going to bully you ever(y) time I see you just so you know #sis.”

Norman shot back with his own statistical reminder: “25-0-0-0”

Thomas quote-Tweeted Norman’s stat reference: “And got you still crying to the media in your cheap ahh suit and in my mentions crying. You 3 yrs old dude. Life comes at you fast.”

Norman replied again, “You right you did nothing but #Block.”

Thomas got in the last word before Norman deleted his tweets: “You my son, go to bed son. I was punking you all night give me a break. @ your coach so he can put your so called tough guy self in timeout again.”

Thomas, noticing Norman deleting his side of the string, offered one final dig: “You corny for deleting your tweets @J_No24 we grown man walk it like you talk it. Goof ball con artist this my favorite part when we find out you not who you say you are.”

–Field Level Media