Report: Tiger, Phil to play ‘The Match’ in 2019, ’20

Phil Mickelson beat Tiger Woods in “The Match” last month, but Woods could have his chance to top Mickelson in 2019.

Golf Digest reported Wednesday that the two golfers actually signed a three-year contract to play head-to-head matches through 2020. Golfworld, however, said the format could differ, with Mickelson and Woods teaming up against another pair of golfers, or each one pairing with another player and headlining the twosome.

The two met Nov. 24 at Shadow Creek Golf Club in Las Vegas, and Mickelson took the $9 million winner-take-all purse in 22 holes. It isn’t known if play will return to Shadow Creek, or if Mickelson and Woods will meet elsewhere.

Woods, 42, and Mickelson, 48, have combined for 123 PGA Tour victories.

Turner Sports put together “The Match” and sold pay-per-view packages at $19.95 per customer. Golfworld reported that about 1 million customers subscribed to the event, but technical difficulties forced Turner to refund their money.

–Field Level Media