Sixers ban popcorn fan, apologize to Russell Westbrook

A fan who poured popcorn on Washington Wizards guard Russell Westbrook as he exited the court Wednesday at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia lost his season tickets for 76ers games and is not allowed in the arena.

Westbrook was being helped to the locker room area with an ankle injury when popcorn was rained on his head by a fan who was clearly captured in the act by television cameras.

Wells Fargo Center investigated the incident and released its findings Thursday.

“After an investigation into the incident that occurred at last night’s game, we have determined that the person involved will have his season ticket membership revoked, effectively immediately. In addition, he will be banned from all events at Wells Fargo Center indefinitely.

“We apologize to Russell Westbrook and the Washington Wizards for being subjected to this type of unacceptable and disrespectful behavior. There is no place for it in our sport or arena.”

Russell Westbrook
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook Fires Back

Westbrook was frustrated after the Washington loss and said fan behavior is part of the problem.

“To be completely honest, this s— is getting out of hand, especially for me,” Westbrook said. “The amount of disrespect, the amount of fans just doing whatever the f— they want to do — it’s just out of pocket.”

The NBA issued the following statement on Thursday:

“The return of more NBA fans to our arenas has brought great excitement and energy to the start of the playoffs, but it is critical that we all show respect for players, officials and our fellow fans,” the statement read. “An enhanced fan code of conduct will be vigorously enforced in order to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all involved.”

–Field Level Media (@FieldLevelMedia)