Report: NFL to consider challenge of judgment calls

The NFL is reviewing options to allow coaches to challenge judgment calls by officials, but their teams would be negatively impacted if a review shows officials got the call right, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday morning.
Schefter said that if a challenge is wrong, the team could be penalized or time could be run off the clock. He said that by adding such a disincentive, coaches will reserve the option for the most obvious of cases.
A similar rule would have allowed New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton to challenge the non-call on a crucial third-down play late in the NFL championship game; the NFL has acknowledged that officials should have called a penalty for pass interference or helmet-to-helmet contact. The Saints had to settle for a field goal instead of continuing their drive for a potential touchdown, giving the Los Angeles Rams a chance to tie the game and go on to win it in overtime.
A league source told Schefter that the NFL’s competition committee likely will pass a rule on judgment calls this offseason and this particular idea has some support.
–Field Level Media

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