Saints superfan expresses ire on Atlanta billboards

One Saints’ superfan is so angered by the referees’ missed call in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, which likely cost New Orleans a trip to the Super Bowl, that he bought billboards all over downtown Atlanta to tell everyone how he really feels.
Matt Bowers, who owns several car dealerships in the New Orleans area, had some choice words for the league, including “SAINTS GOT ROBBED” and “NFL BLEAUX IT!” plastered on billboards along I-85 in Atlanta, the site of the 2019 Super Bowl. Another one of the billboards is located right outside of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the Los Angeles Rams — not the Saints — and the New England Patriots will square off in two weeks.
Bowers wrote several social media posts on Monday hinting that he would take action in the wake of his ire, writing in one Twitter post, “I’m going to do something about this. #Saints #NFLBLEAUXIT,” and in another, “I won’t ever get over it but, I am going to make the NFL miserable. Watch me.”
The wave of billboards, reported to be seven in all with 16 placements, went live across downtown Atlanta on Monday evening, and fans and news outlets were quick to take notice. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Tuesday that Bowers stated, “I’m not done yet.”
Bowers, whose most recent billboard message targets the NFL commissioner (“Roger Goodell knew dat!”), has also made sure that folks will see the billboards for weeks to come: He announced on Twitter they will remain “All over … Downtown Atlanta through the Fake Super Bowl.”

–Field Level Media

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