Sheriff: No charges in Tiger Woods crash

The single-car crash that left Tiger Woods with significant injuries to his right leg has been ruled an accident. No charges are expected against Woods, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Vllanueva said Wednesday.

“We don’t contemplate any charges whatsoever in this crash,” Villanueva said, adding there was no evidence that Woods was impaired. “This remains an accident. Accident is not a crime. They do happen, unfortunately.”

Woods was driving a 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV at the time of the crash Tuesday morning.

Tiger Woods
Harrison Hill-USA TODAY

The sheriff said Woods was driving at a speed that was “greater” than normal before the vehicle crossed the center divider and rolled over before coming to a stop. The continuing investigation will look into speed as well as whether Woods was distracted.

The crash occurred just after 7 a.m. local time on the boundary of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes in an area that is known for accidents, authorities said.

Monahan’s Focus On Tiger’s Health, Not Golf

Woods underwent several hours of surgery for injuries to his right leg and ankle. Woods’ representatives issued a statement late in the day saying Woods was alert. That’s all PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan wanted to hear.

“We’re so thankful and so grateful to have read that statement last night and to know that he’s going to be OK is because all that really mattes here is his well being, his recovery, his family, and he knows he’s got the support of everybody out here,” Monahan said. “The golf world will rally around him, the sporting world has rallied around him, the world will rally around him. That’s how special he is.”

Monahan shared his thoughts with reporters before the World Golf Championships-Workday Championship at The Concession in Bradenton, Fla.

Tiger Woods
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“Listen, when Tiger wants to talk about golf, we’ll talk about golf,” he continued, “but I think right now the entirety of our efforts needs to be around the support. When you’re going to overcome what he needs to overcome, I think the love of all of our players and everybody out here, it’s going to come forward in a big way and across the entire sporting world. I think he’ll feel that energy and I think that’s what we should all focus on.”

Woods, 45, has 82 PGA Tour victories, including 15 major championships.

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