Syracuse’s Boeheim, Babers take voluntary pay cuts

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim and football coach Dino Babers are among staff members to take a voluntary pay cut as the university faces a multimillion-dollar shortfall because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boeheim, Babers and athletic director John Wildhack have volunteered to trim their salaries by 10 percent, campus chancellor Kent Syverud said Monday. The chancellor and senior leadership also will take the pay cut, he said.

“In the few short months since our response to COVID-19 began, the University has experienced more than $35 million in unplanned expenses and unrealized revenue. While there are many unknowns for the coming year, we can realistically expect further and significant financial challenges ahead,” Syverud said in a university statement.

According to the USA Today database of coaches salaries, Boeheim earns about $2.5 million and Babers nearly $2.3 million annually.

–Field Level Media (@FieldLevelMedia)