Report: Tiger's staff accused of destroying evidence in case

Lawyers for parents who said their son died after a night of drinking at Tiger Woods’ Florida restaurant alleged Tuesday that restaurant staff destroyed video evidence that showed him drinking at the bar before he crashed his car.
The family of Nicholas Immesberger, who died last December, have filed a wrongful death suit naming the restaurant, Woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, who is the general manager of the eatery, called The Woods.

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Immesberger’s parents allege their son had a “habitual problem” with alcohol and had been overserved. A bartender there, Immesberger stayed and had drinks following a work shift at the Jupiter, Fla., restaurant.
“One of the most significant issues we have here is the destruction of evidence,” attorney Spencer Kuvin said Tuesday, per ESPN. “Obviously it shows that somebody knew something had gone wrong and they wanted to get rid of that evidence. We have evidence to show that that videotape, showing Nick at the bar that night after he got off at 3 p.m., drinking for three hours at the bar, was destroyed shortly after the crash had occurred.
“So we have, through our investigation, uncovered evidence to show that the bar knew what happened, they knew about the crash that night and shortly thereafter that video evidence was destroyed and deleted off the servers they had there at The Woods.”
After ending his shift on Dec. 10, 2018, Immesberger allegedly stuck around and drank to the point of intoxication before the 24-year-old left the restaurant. He later died after losing control of his car and swerved across three lanes of highway traffic before going airborne and landing in a grassy patch, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, per the Palm Beach Post.
At the time of the crash, Immesberger’s reported blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit at .256.
The lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County alleges that Woods “was directly responsible for ensuring that his employees and management … were not over serving its employees/customers.”
Woods, 43, called Immesberger’s death a “terrible ending” during a press conference Tuesday in Farmingdale, N.Y., where he is competing in this weekend’s PGA Championship — his first tournament since winning his fifth Masters in April.
“We’re all very sad that Nick passed away,” Woods said. “It was a terrible night, a terrible ending. And we feel bad for him and his entire family. It is very sad.”
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